Russia / Ukraine Conflict

March 2022

Message from the Management of Altios

We have all heard about the military attack that Ukraine is now undergoing on its territory. We are thinking first of the Ukrainians who are currently experiencing the horror of war. We are thinking of the families that have been broken up, bruised by the war, and of this suffering.

Going far beyond this conflict, we continue to believe that the world, as a single space, is an infinite source of unrevealed discovery if we smartly connect local markets, people and cultures. We are all united in one world, one planet, one peace. We are One.

At Altios, we have colleagues across borders who are impacted by these tragedies. We are obviously thinking of them and are proud of them. We can only wish them strength, health and safety during this sad and difficult time.

We are also particularly attentive to the consequences of this crisis on the activities of our clients. Our teams remain present at their side to provide them with any support they need locally.

We are reactivating our Global Help Desk service to assist free of charge our clients questioning or facing serious issues the region (Ukraine, Russia, Eastern Europe). Please send us an email to:

As an international group, we feel it is important to express our support and solidarity with all our colleagues and customers. Today and more than ever, the greatest resource we have right now is each other. We are One!

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Communication to our clients operating in Russia

We trust that you are doing well, despite the latest developments in Russia and Ukraine. Even though the situation is very difficult to assess, we want to update you on the impact on your business – at least as far as possible. In this regard, Georges Karev (, our Russian Country Head in Moscow, looked at key practical topics.

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